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A tribute to the UK’s unpaid carers

Of course, here at HomeAid we provide a dedicated home care service that helps to look after people who need support to live in their own home. However, we understand that not everyone who takes a caring role, does it as a career.

There are thought to be as many as seven million people who are acting as an unpaid carer in the UK, which means that as many as 3 in 5 people in the country will become a carer at some point. This could be for a family member or partner in ill health, or someone who has a disability or addiction.

It is not only older people who become carers, there is also thought to be as many as 700,000 young carers in the UK, often looking after their parents.

Why caring for a family member is such a wonderful thing to do?

Have you found yourself in a situation whereby you need to take care of someone that you love? It is normal to find yourself feeling scared and anxious about what could happen in the future. Whilst this may be normal, at this difficult time it is also a good idea to think about the good things about acting as a carer for someone that you love.

They will trust you, they will be comfortable around you and they will know that you have your best interests at heart. They can stay in their own home, and rather than worrying which carer is going to be seeing them that day, they know who will be coming in daily.

The best ways for unpaid carers to look after themselves

Caring for someone on an everyday basis isn’t easy and it can be difficult to find any time for yourself. However, this is incredibly important to do. Without any breaks or time for yourself, then you can soon feel exhausted and overwhelmed at all the things that you have going on.

Sometimes you need to just step away. This could be for a couple of hours, for a day or for a weekend. You may want to use the time to have a bath, to run some errands, to enjoy a break, or simply to just focus on yourself.

There are often feelings of guilt that are attached to this, however, it is important to remember that you should never feel guilty about arranging respite care for someone that you care for. As an unpaid carer you spend so much of your time being dedicated to someone else, that it really does make sense to take the time for yourself too.

So, we would just like to say that we applaud each-and-every unpaid carer out there. Being a paid carer is not always the easiest career path to take and being an unpaid carer must be 100% harder to do – please take a step back and be proud of everything you’re doing, you’re incredible.

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