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The difference between live-in care and visiting care

When it comes to care, there are a variety of different approaches that care can take. If you are planning on becoming a carer, then you are going to need to consider which approach to care is going to be the best career path for you.

Outside of care homes, the two main approaches to care is live in and visiting. But what are their main differences, particularly when it comes to working as a carer?

Both forms allow the person to continue to live in their own home, which is so often a desired outcome for those who require care.

What is live-in care?

As the name suggests, live in care is when a carer will live in the house of the person who is receiving the care. For the person who is being cared for they feel that they are comfortable and safe in their own home. For the carer, it means that you need to take care of the everyday aspects of their lives. They will have a carefully designed care plan which will include helping them out of bed and into bed, taking their medications, personal care and also getting washed and dressed too.

Not only this, but the carer will also be responsible for delivering a sense of social care and interaction too. Keeping the person company, as well as ensuring they are independent too.

What is visiting care?

Visiting care is one of the most commonplace forms of care. It means that a person continues to live in their own home. However, a carer will come into their home that matches a set schedule, this could be once a day, twice a day or even less if this is what they need.

The tasks that are carried out for visiting care is much the same as for home care. There is a less social care aspect of visiting care compared to live in care. However, you still need to bond with the client and try your best to develop a relationship with them, all in order to ensure that they feel comfortable with you.

What do you need to be a carer?

Whether you plan to be a live-in carer or a visiting carer, having a caring and compassionate nature is one of the most important things to possess when you are taking this career path. You need to be able to treat every individual that you work with respect and in a way that ensures that they feel valued.

A bond is key when it comes to delivering the very best level of care. This is even more important when you are a live in carer as you will be spending a lot more time with the person you are caring for. You need to make sure that they feel that you listen to them and that you are there for them, not just as a job.

No matter what career in care you are planning for. It is important to work for the right company. Here at Home Aid we take great care of our clients, but we also take great care of our team too, ensuring that they feel a part of our family.

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