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Top tips for keeping cool in the summer

Whilst we all love blue skies and glorious sunshine, the warm weather isn’t always the easiest thing to cope with. Particularly if you are an older person. The possibility of dehydration and heat stroke does increase with the warmer weather, which means that you need to pay attention to taking care of yourself.

Not sure how best to stay cool? To help you we have put together the Home Aid top tips for keeping cool in the summer.

Make sure you drink lots of fluids

Dehydration is not a nice issue to have and during the summer you are going to lose water much quicker than in the winter. This means that you need to keep yourself topped up. You should aim for around 8 glasses of water (there are other things that can hydrate you too) every day in order to stay feeling your best, and if you go for a cool, iced drink then this will also help to bring down your temperature to.

Wear loose clothes

Tight clothes are never going to make you feel your best in the warm weather, so the aim should always be to wear loose clothes that can breathe. Where possible, stick to cotton as this is breathable and light.

Avoid going out in the heat of the day

Between the hours of 11 and 3, the sun is at its strongest and the temperature is likely to be too. If you can, avoid going out at these times and instead take shelter in the shade inside. If you do head out in the sunshine, even out of these times then try to stick to the shelter as much as you can and always wear a hat and sunscreen too.

Try to stick to smaller meals on a regular basis

Have you ever realised that as you eat big meals in the warm weather you warm up? This is because your body will start to generate metabolic heat as it digests food, which will bring up your body temperature. The trick to avoid this is to eat smaller meals on a regular basis, rather than larger meals. The smaller portions are easier to digest and will keep your body temperature down.

Focus on certain body parts

It may sound strange, but if you are trying to cool down then there are certain points of your body which will help to lower your temperature. Your wrists and feet are the main focal points. These can be rinsed off with cold water and then this cooled blood will head around your body and bring your overall temperature down.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways that you can do your best to stay cool during the summer months. So, why not make the most if it? Here in the UK you never know when the rain is going to come in. Just make sure that you keep yourself safe and as cool as possible.

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