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UK Care Guide

The UK Care Guide is one of the largest care related websites in the UK.  The site provides its users with a wealth of help and support across a range of care related topics. As part of this they list details of local home care agencies and we are proud to say that they have our details now listed on the site.

Find our listing here!

As you get older it is only natural that your mind turns to thinking about what will happen to your assets when you are gone.  This process is often called Estate Planning and it involves thinking about who will get what.   If you have a lot of assets this can clearly become a difficult thing to think through.  The UK Care Guide website helps explain what steps you can take to plan your estate but also importantly guides you through steps that you can take to avoid inheritance tax.   This may be through gifting your assets to family or leaving some of your money to charity.   

This is clearly a very complicated subject and one that we do recommend you spend some time better understanding.  The website will help you do this

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