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What are the signs that it is time to consider care

It is never a pleasant thought, however, sometimes the realisation dawns that it is time to consider your relative, or even yourself, making the move into a care home, or receiving care within your own home. Are you caring or someone who is elderly? Wondering whether you will know when the time has come to consider a care home? Here are some of the main signs to look out for.

They have had some recent falls or close calls

One of the biggest red flags that your relative needs to consider assisted living is that they are have had a fall or a recent medical scare. Of course, accidents do happen, however you will be able to tell which are a one-off and which one are likely to happen again. If the fall was related to a medical condition, then you may want to consider discussing assisted living with them.

They have a medical condition that is getting worse

Following on from the above point, a medical condition is another huge red flag for a consideration of assisted living. Medical conditions, those that are a progressive and are going to get worse and worse over time, are one of the main reasons why people may decide to arrange for care or place a relative in a care home.

They are having difficulties with daily tasks

Everyone wants to stay independent in their own homes. However, to do this, they are going to need to be able to carry out those all important daily tasks. This includes taking medicines, shopping for food, keeping themselves clean and cooking. If they can’t do these things, then this is a sign that they may need some help to be able to survive on a day to day basis.

They are looking frail

It is quite normal for someone who is elderly to look frailer and thinner then they used to. However, a considerable amount of weight loss or a frail appearance is not something that you should take as part and parcel of ageing. This could be a sign that they are finding things difficult at home, and that you need to act to help them live as healthy as possible.

As you can see, there are several things to look out for when it comes to making the move to a care home or assisted living. Once you identify these signs, then the difficult choice comes as to which option is going to be right for your relative as well as how to discuss this with them.  

You need to approach it with caution and be careful to consider their feelings. Work with them when you are making the decision. Keep them informed at all points and make sure that they know what might happen in the near future.

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