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Respite Care

Giving your family carer a break

Caring for a loved one can put a strain on your personal and social life, it is mentally demanding and can sometimes result in big changes within your life.

At HomeAid we understand that a break is important, and we appreciate that no matter how committed you are to taking care of someone close to you, everybody needs a break, for their own mental well-being. It is important to make time and care for yourself, whilst you may be caring for another person.

HomeAid is here to help you for however long you need. Whether it is a for a few weeks as a holiday break, or an urgent need for respite care – we are here for you. Our trained and experienced carers can step in to continue the care for your loved one whilst you are away.

Leaving you feeling calm with the knowledge that our carers are giving your loved one the highest quality care.

What Our Clients Say

  • I just wanted to say that this week I had a concern with one of my carers. When I informed Jovita she acknowledged it and dealt with it perfectly. I can’t praise your company and staff enough. Thank you, this is another example of how refreshing it is to have a care agency that actually delivers.

  • Thank you so much for meeting me yesterday and responding so quickly to my concerns.

  • Care agencies have a bad reputation and after my previous issues, I thought this was the norm. I realise now that this is the wrong attitude to have and HomeAid are proof that good agencies exist so I’m eternally grateful.”

Our Standards

Highest Standards

We are committed to giving our clients the highest quality care


Our clients and staff are made to feel safe at all times


Our goal is to make our clients feel comfortable within their own home

Physical Needs

Ensuring our clients needs are listened to and that they feel comfortable


HomeAid is part of the community and aims to become and extension of the client’s family

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Where a visit is appropriate you will be offered a free no-obligation consultation in your home.


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